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Catia is the star of the award-winning dark comedy CLOSURE, an indie feature film written and directed by Alex Goldberg. She plays Nina, who comes to Los Angeles to find her sister after their mother passes away, encountering a bizarre mix of Angelenos and digging into a deeper, darker side of the city. The film co-stars Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Milena Govich, Tom Choi, John Sloan and the legendary Dee Wallace.

CLOSURE has screened around the world and has garnered seven awards:

  • BEST ACTRESS (Catia Ojeda), Marbella International Film Festival, Spain

  • BEST ACTRESS (Catia Ojeda), Austin Indie Fest

  • BEST FEATURE, The D.C. Independent Film Festival

  • BEST FEATURE, The Valley Film Festival

  • BEST SCREENPLAY (Alex Goldberg), Austin Indie Fest

  • AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD, Austin Indie Fest

  • AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD, Manhattan Film Festival

After a successful festival run, the film garnered distribution with Indie Rights Movies and began its theatrical release on October 18, 2019 . For more information, visit