“Ojeda digs into her role with such flair and relish...she is so glowing, dashing and well-spoken that she would command all eyes even in a less dominating part. This is her Los Angeles theatrical premiere, and she deserves a much wider audience, so I hope that her work in Hollywood is not, actually, done.”

- Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

“The gorgeous Ojeda gives the best kind of performance, one so stunningly quicksilver, it seems to be happening for the very first time and not as the result of lines learned and rehearsed and rehearsed.  Alternately playful, dismissive, testy, mysterious, and seductive, Ojeda does downright delicious work… a bona fide dazzler.”

- Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

“Ojeda demands attention from the silent denizens of the bar who as audience watch her chipper flirtatiousness morph into a fury and cruel logic that are breathtaking.”

- Brad Schreiber, The Huffington Post

“Ojeda's performance drives the production, featuring densely textured line readings that make each word sound like its own sentence. She plays Ruby as the ultimate alpha female, zipping ably among the seductive, comical, and dangerous aspects of her character while leading poor Jonas (and us) to whatever grotesque place she pleases.”

- Mitch Montgomery, Back Stage

"Catia Ojeda steals the show as the elusive Ruby, a beautiful, bitingly witty businesswoman who is desperate for some roadside assistance."

- Kimberly Laurenne, Show Business Weekly

“Ojeda gives a strong, confident performance as increasingly gleeful Ruby.”

- Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press

“Hats off to Catia Ojeda for so amazingly dominating the action of this unconventional story.”  

- Ed Malin,

“The absolutely stunning Catia Ojeda is a whirlwind of energy, brusque and confident, sexy and elegant. Ojeda turns in a memorable tour-de-force performance.”

- This Week in New York